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LAR-E Motorized Electric Cylinders

LAR-E01T3 Motorized Electric Cylinder


Zaber’s devices are not intended for use in any critical medical, aviation, or military applications or situations where a product's use or failure could cause personal injury, death, or damage to property. Zaber disclaims any and all liability for injury or other damages resulting from the use of our products.


The LAR-E01T3 electric cylinders are designed to be controlled with any of Zaber's X-Series or A-Series Stepper Motor Controllers. Zaber's controllers and peripherals are designed for ease of use when used together. Optimal settings for each peripheral (such as the default current, speed, acceleration, and limit settings) can be loaded by setting the peripheralid (T:66) on the controller. The peripheral ID is listed as the ID on the peripheral's label. A list of IDs is also available on the ID Mapping page. For more information on device operation, refer to the controller's user manual.


Pinout for D-sub 15 Connectors (A-series and X-Series controllers and peripherals)

A- or X-series controller (female) DB15-female-connector-annotated-300.jpg
T3 Peripheral (male) T3-DB15-male-connector-annotated-300.jpg
T4 Peripheral (male) T4-DB15-male-connector-annotated-300.jpg
Pin # Function
1 +5V
2 Encoder Error ****
3 reserved
4 Away Sensor ***
5 Home Sensor
6 Ground
7 Motor B1
8 Motor A1
9 +5V *
10 Encoder A *
11 Encoder B *
12 Encoder Index **
13 Ground *
14 Motor B2
15 Motor A2

* encoder embedded peripherals only
** devices with encoders with index only
*** devices with away sensors only
**** devices with linear or direct-reading encoders only

Alternate Controllers

The actuators may be controlled by any 2-phase stepper motor controller with home sensor input. Warning: Operating the actuator without correctly wiring up the home sensor can cause permanent damage to the sensor. We do not recommend using your own controller unless you are familiar with how to control a stepper motor with a hall sensor limit switch. The following information is provided for reference only. Damage to the actuator or hall sensor due to incorrect wiring is not covered by warranty.


The LAR-E electric cylinder uses a size 23 stepper motor.

  • 3 A / Phase
  • 1 Ω / phase
  • 1.6 mH / phase

Warranty and Repair

For Zaber's policies on warranty and repair, please refer to the Ordering Policies.

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How to return products

Customers with devices in need of return or repair should contact Zaber to obtain an RMA form which must be filled out and sent back to us to receive an RMA number. The RMA form contains instructions for packing and returning the device. The specified RMA number must be included on the shipment to ensure timely processing.

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Appendix A: Default Settings

Please see the Zaber Support Page for default settings for this device.