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Lubrication of linear guides

The {{{Device}}} series of linear stages use recirculating ball bearing linear guides to support and guide the stage top of the device. These linear guides require lubrication in order to achieve the longest possible lifetime at the highest possible performance. At the rated load of the device, it is recommended to re-lubricate each bearing block on the linear guide at a 500 km service interval. We recommend using 0.2 cm³ per bearing block of a NLGI Grade 2, lithium soap based grease. The grease ports are located on the motor end of the carriage (see pictures below). Simply remove the screw plugs using a 2.5 mm hex key and inject about 0.2 cm³ of grease into each port. Cycle the stage through its travel several times and wipe off any excess grease from the rails. All guides come pre-lubricated and are ready to go out of the box.

This grease is only intended for lubricating ball bearing guide, and is not suitable for use on the lead screw or any other locations on the stage.