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Contamination could impact the performance of the {{{Device}}} stage. Avoid introduction of ferro-magnetic particles to the stage, and contact with, or contamination of, the encoder scale.

Important Precautions for Use

Warning exclamation.png Mounting and Maintenance Hazard! For operator safety, the {{{Device}}} should always be un-powered during all cleaning, maintenance, and stage or load mounting operations. A powered stage could exert high forces and move at high speeds very suddenly if accidentally given a move command.

Warning exclamation.pngStrong magnet.jpg Strong Magnets! The {{{Device}}} stages contain strong magnets that could affect pacemaker function. Pacemaker users should stay at least 20 cm away from the stages. The magnets can also attract nearby magnetic objects.

Warning exclamation.png Secure Stage Mounting Required! The {{{Device}}} stages can shake and vibrate during operation due to high inertia. The stages must always be securely mounted to a work surface during operation. See #Physical_Installation for information on stage mounting.

Warning exclamation.png Back-driving Hazard! Linear motor stages require current to the motor coils to provide a force to maintain position and/or support a load. If power is removed the carriage may move suddenly or in an uncontrolled manner. The {{{Device}}} stage is not intended for load lifting operations due to the risk of uncontrolled motion if driver power is removed.

Warning exclamation.png Collision Hazard! Provide a safe distance around the stage and its load to allow for unobstructed full travel movements between travel end-stop bumpers. Ensure that a positional overshoot or unexpected motion couldn't result in a collision hazard.

Tip lightbulb symbol.png Important: The {{{Device}}} stage should be homed immediately upon power-up.

Tip lightbulb symbol.png Important: The {{{Device}}} is a servo device, meaning that its performance is dependent on proper tuning of the servo parameters for the given load. The use of incorrect servo parameters may reduce the device’s performance in operation. Incorrect tuning may also result in unstable operation, which can cause unexpected rapid motion of the device, leading to reduced device lifetime and user injury. When the operating load on the device is changed, the tuning parameters should be updated to match. For details see the servo tuning guidelines.

Noise Emissions

The A-weighted emission sound pressure level (SPL) of this device does not exceed 70 dB(A) during intended use.