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Mounting and Stacking Devices

You can mount the GSM series goniometers using the four M3 holes in the base (32mm x 32mm grid). The stage top will need to be moved to either end of travel in order to gain access to these mounting holes. If the device is not connected to a controller, the stage top can be moved manually with the knurled positioning knob. This knob can also be turned using a 2.5 mm Allen key (the same size used to tighten the M3 fasteners). Warning: applying too much torque to the manual knob can damage the internal components. Manual adjustments should never require significant hand strength.

A GSM40 device can be stacked on top of a GSM60 to share a common point of rotation. Alignment feet on the base of the GSM40 stage will snap into the top surface of the GSM60 so that each stage's axis of rotation is perpendicular to the other. Before mounting one stage onto another, make sure that the mating faces and alignment bores are free of any debris. Do not use fasteners longer than 8 mm to join two stages together. Longer fasteners will bottom out and provide no clamping force. See the GSM web page for dimensions, technical specifications and other details.

Stacked GSM40-T4 and GSM60-T4 devices