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The provided Hall Effect limit sensors are compatible with a T-slot (see dimensions below). To install a sensor, slide it down the T-slot from the slot's end to the desired position and tighten the M3 set screw until sensor is just secure. Over-tightening may cause threads to strip in the sensor. A small boss on the top side of the sensor indicates the approximate centre of the sensing area on the underside. If possible, nest the cable within the slot to avoid catching or pulling the cable.

4 mm T-slot dimensions Limit sensor sensing area position
T-slot dimensions (mm) M3 set screw position

To mount the provided magnet, use a strong adhesive to fix the magnet in a position that allows it to trigger the sensor (see below). Ensure the south pole (black side) of the magnet faces the sensor. The Hall Effect sensor only triggers on a south pole with a magnetic field intensity of approximately 35 G or more. Use a stronger magnet to trigger the sensor from a great distance. The triggering distance will vary depending upon the magnet's strength, the direction from which it approaches the sensor, its orientation relative to the sensor, and surrounding magnetic material. Standard mounting configurations and triggering distances are shown below.

Motion transverse to axis of magnet Motion along axis of magnet

Also see Home or Away Sensor Installation Sheet.