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  • When the communications port is open, Zaber Console will show an icon next to the peripheral name for each axis, to indicate the connection status. See the Activating Peripherals section for additional information.
    Icon Connection Status
    Zc-axis-disabled.png No peripheral is currently detected or the peripheral.id of the axis is not set.
    To activate a -T3 or -T4 peripheral, type its peripheral ID in the field. The Peripheral ID for a Zaber peripheral can be found on its label as the PID. Alternatively a full list of Peripheral IDs can be found at: Zaber Support - Peripheral IDs. If a third-party peripheral is being driven, please contact Zaber Technical Support for assistance.
    Zc-axis-active.png The peripheral is configured and active.
    Zc-axis-changed-or-disconnected.png The {{{Device}}} detected that a peripheral was disconnected, or that a different peripheral was previously configured on this axis. If the peripheral became unplugged, remove power from the controller and plug the peripheral back in. Activate the peripheral if necessary, using the button beside its name.