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Motor and Sensor Interface


Male High Density D-sub26 Connector
Motor and Sensor Interface

Pin Description Pin Description
1 AutoDetect Clock 14 N.C.
2 AutoDetect Data 15 +5V
3 N.C. 16 Ground
4 N.C. 17 N.C.
5 Home Limit Sensor 18 Motor W
6 N.C. 19 Differential Encoder A-
7 Ground 20 Differential Encoder B-
8 Motor V 21 Differential Encoder Index-
9 Motor U 22 AutoDetect Presence
10 Differential Encoder A+ 23 N.C.
11 Differential Encoder B+ 24 N.C.
12 Differential Encoder Index+ 25 N.C.
13 Differential Encoder Error 26 N.C.

NOTE: All hall sensor signals (for limits or motor phase) are open collector and require a pull-up on the controller.
NOTE: All single-ended encoder inputs are non-isolated 5V TTL lines.
NOTE: All differential encoder signals are non-isolated, and must be terminated on the controller with 120 Ω. For -DE peripherals, these signals are RS-422 (digital) with a maximum frequency of 10 MHz.