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Green (Device) - Power
  • On: Controller is operational.
  • Blinking twice per second: The power supply voltage or controller temperature is out of range.
Red (Device) - System Error
Yellow (Device) - Communication
  • On: Data is being transferred.
  • Blinking twice per second: Packet corruption has occurred for ASCII commands sent with a checksum.
Yellow (Axis) - Axis Status
  • On: Axis is moving.
  • Blinking: Axis is under manual control via the knob (in Velocity mode). The blinking rate is proportional to movement speed.

Blue (Axis) - Warning/Error

  • Blinking twice per second: Driver is disabled due to over-temperature, out-of-range voltage or other driver fault; or due to user request. See Fx Warning Flags. Note: This may occur for a few seconds on power-up as device initializes.