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Physical Installation

{{{Device}}} stages can be mounted flat (with a vertical axis of rotation) or on edge (having a horizontal axis of rotation) without additional hardware. M3 x 16mm fasteners (included) are recommended for mounting the device. The rotation platform should be rotated 45 degrees from the home position to allow access to mounting holes. Edge mounting requires removal of the two M3 set screws shown below. These keep debris out of the main gear cavity when edge mounting is not needed.


The {{{Device}}} has several features to help align the axis of rotation.

A 4 mm bore through the centre of the device is concentric with the rotation axis and will fit tightly around a locating 4 mm diameter dowel pin inserted from either the top or the bottom of the device.

Four 5.5 mm diameter feet on the base of the device are intended to interlock with compatible Zaber devices and locate the rotation axis. These include AP135 and {{{Goniometer}}} goniometer products. The {{{Device}}} top is also compatible with these alignment bosses and can be used to align AP146, AB147, and {{{Goniometer}}} goniometers on the {{{Device}}} stage top.

Three reference sides are intended for edge-mounting alignment. The AP146 accessory is designed specifically to align with the edge features on the {{{Device}}} stage.


To re-grease the worm gear: