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Physical Installation

Tip lightbulb symbol.png Tip: To obtain the best pitch, roll, yaw and runout accuracy, mount the stage to a known flat, stiff surface. Our tests were performed on a granite table, grade A flatness.

Warning exclamation.png Tipping Hazard! Ensure stage is fastened to a secure surface before mounting load on carriage. An unmounted stage with a load presents a tipping hazard. Ensure loads are mounted securely to the carriage of the stage.

Warning exclamation.png Back-driving Hazard! When mounting stages vertically where they will lift a load, do not exceed the values in the following table. Exceeding this load could backdrive the device, especially during loss of power, and could damage its controller and cause injury.

Drive Screw Version Back-driving Force (N)
A Non-back-driving
B 420
D 40
H 157


We recommend greasing the linear bearings to prolong service life. Many factors affect the lifetime of the grease and bearings including temperature, contamination, and loading configurations but the following chart provides a guideline. Grease with Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 or similar lithium thickened petroleum grease.

LRT re-greasing schedule.JPG

Remove dust cover

Warning exclamation.png Careful, dust cover edges are sharp!

Warning exclamation.png Pinch Hazard! You will need to move the stage with the power on while greasing. Be careful not to squish anything, especially fingers or hands, between the carriage and the end plates.

Reinstall dust cover