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Recommended Support

This table gives the recommended maximum unsupported span for any LC40 device. These recommendations are based on a maximum beam deflection of 0.1 mm. For certain applications more or less support may be warranted.

LC40 stages can be mounted to most 40 mm or 4040 T-slot extrusion framing systems or to a metric breadboard (using AB188 or AP191 accessories). For unsupported spans, bracing (AP244 or similar) can be added.

Load (kg) Maximum Span Between Supports (m)
0 1.4
1 1.3
2 1.1
5 0.9
10 0.8
20 0.6
50 0.5

Supporting points should have a small contact surface, approximately 40 mm by 40 mm. For applications with more than 2 supports, ensure that all supporting surfaces share a common plane with less than 1 mm of deviation per m of separation and always fasten supports starting at the middle, working outwards.

Straightness of motion will depend on the location and orientation of supporting surfaces and installation procedure. If very low runout is required, pay careful attention to the coplanarity of support structures and measure and adjust for any horizontal deviation. A single continuous reference surface and edge can achieve better results than spaced supports, but the degree will depend on the flatness and straightness of the reference.