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Autogenerates the correct links for a device setting for both protocols. Takes the following parameters:

  • ASCII - the ASCII setting name (e.g. 'pos', 'maxspeed', 'driver.current.max') (required)
  • Binary - the optional Binary command number (e.g. '60' or '103'). If Binary is not specified or empty only the ASCII setting link will be rendered.
  • Value - If present, Value will be appended to the ASCII and Binary setting.
  • CR - if set to 1, a carriage return will be appended to the ASCII command.
  • linktext - if present, the ASCII setting link text will be replaced with linktext, otherwise the ascii setting name will be used.

{{G7/Setting_Link|ASCII=maxspeed|Binary=42|Value=100000}} -> maxspeed 100000 (T:42:100000) (for specifying the related binary command and data)

{{G7/Setting_Link|ASCII=pos|linktext=get pos|Binary=60}} -> get pos (T:60) (just specifying the binary command, example shows how to display the command plus setting while linking to just the setting in documentation)

{{G7/Setting_Link|ASCII=comm.address}} -> comm.address (no equivalent binary command given)