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Purpose of this template

state           - only pages with state of "Publish" should be published
robots          - autocalculated (all = index,follow, none = noindex, nofollow)
seostate        - indicates whether seo review has been completed
seotitle        - use for page title
seodescription  - use for page meta description
thumbnail       - thumbnail image to show in articles list
h1              - use for the H1 tag (visible title) on the published article
author          - may be published if it is not null
date            - may be published if it is not null
content         - the content to be published (including any "categories")


  • the url of the wiki page (controlled by the title) will also be used as the url on the published article
  • for example, /w/Article:this-is-my-article will be published at https://www.zaber.com/articles/this-is-my-article
  • I included a category equal to the state. This should be useful for detecting pages that should be published. I think it will also be handy for editors/collaborators. For example we can set state = Draft for the pages we are working on and then all pages being worked on can be viewed at https://www.zaber.com/w/Category:Draft making them easy to find.
  • Background color of display is set to gray if state is Draft or green if state is Publish.
  • page contents may specify additional categories like "Application Notes", "News", "Sponsorships", etc. These will become search filters on the main website.


Wiki: All Articles - Draft Articles - Published Articles - Template - Categories Other: View this article on webstaging - Content Planning - iWiki Documentation

Article Attributes:

Article thumbnail.png
state = Draft
robots = none
seostate = Needs review
seotitle = Please enter the title for SEO
seodescription = Please enter a meta description
h1 = Please enter a heading for the article
author =
date =