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Device Overview

[[File:{{{Device}}}-Overview_500px.jpg|center|link=|500px|{{{Device}}} Overview]] {{A-Series/Connectors/{{{Connector}}}|isController={{{isController}}}|Device={{{Device}}}}}


[[File:{{{Connector}}}_Indicators_w500.jpg|500px|link=|{{{Device}}} Indicators]]

PWR (Green) - Power.
  • On: Controller is operational.
  • Blinking at 2Hz: The power supply voltage or device temperature is out of range.
  • Fading in and out slowly: The device is parked. See the tools parking (T:65) command.
ERR (Red) - Error.
MOT (Yellow) - Communication/Busy.
  • On: Device is moving, or data is being transferred.
  • Blinking: Device is under manual control via the knob (in Velocity mode). The blinking rate is proportional to movement speed.
  • Blinking at fixed rate: Packet corruption has occurred for ASCII commands sent with a checksum.
ENC (Blue) - Slip/Stall.
  • On: The device is slipping.
  • On-Off cycle every 2 sec: The device has stalled and stopped.
  • Flashes: The stationary device has been forced out of position (2 short flashes every 1 sec), or the encoder has encountered a read error and raised the FQ warning flag (5 short flashes every 2 sec).