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Quick Command Reference

The following table offers a quick command reference for motorized devices running firmware version 5xx. For convenience, you may sort the table below by instruction name, command number, or reply number. Follow the links to view a detailed description of each instruction.

Instruction Name Command# Command Data Command Type Reply Data
Reset 0 Ignored Command None
Home 1 Ignored Command Final position (in this case 0)
Renumber* 2 Ignored Command Device ID
Move Tracking 8 n/a Reply Tracking Position
Limit Active 9 n/a Reply Final Position
Manual Move Tracking 10 n/a Reply Tracking Position
Store Current Position* 16 Address Command Address
Return Stored Position 17 Address Command Stored Position
Move To Stored Position 18 Address Command Final Position
Move Absolute 20 Absolute Position Command Final Position
Move Relative 21 Relative Position Command Final Position
Move At Constant Speed 22 Speed Command Speed
Stop 23 Ignored Command Final Position
Read Or Write Memory* 35 Data Command Data
Restore Settings* 36 Peripheral ID Command Peripheral ID
Set Microstep Resolution* 37 Microsteps Setting Microsteps
Set Running Current* 38 Value Setting Value
Set Hold Current* 39 Value Setting Value
Set Device Mode* 40 Mode Setting Mode
Set Home Speed* 41 Speed Setting Speed
Set Target Speed* 42 Speed Setting Speed
Set Acceleration* 43 Acceleration Setting Acceleration
Set Maximum Position* 44 Range Setting Range
Set Current Position 45 New Position Setting New Position
Set Maximum Relative Move* 46 Range Setting Range
Set Home Offset* 47 Offset Setting Offset
Set Alias Number* 48 Alias Number Setting Alias Number
Set Lock State* 49 Lock Status Command Lock Status
Return Device ID 50 Ignored Read-Only Setting Device ID
Return Firmware Version 51 Ignored Read-Only Setting Version
Return Power Supply Voltage 52 Ignored Read-Only Setting Voltage
Return Setting 53 Setting Number Command Setting Value
Return Status 54 Ignored Read-Only Setting Status
Echo Data 55 Data Command Data
Return Current Position 60 Ignored Read-Only Setting Position
Return Serial Number 63 Ignored Read-Only Setting Serial Number
Error 255 n/a Reply Error Code

* The settings for these commands are saved in non-volatile memory, i.e. the setting persists even if the device is powered down. To restore all settings to factory default, use command 36.