T-Series/Installation-Mechanical/LHM Stages

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Physical Installation


There are several options available for mounting Zaber stages. Use the mounting holes in the bottom to mount to a surface or to another stage. You might have to move the carriage to access the bottom mounting holes. Some stages have mounting holes in the end plates for mounting vertically. Mounting screws are included with most stages.

Caution: Some stages have threaded through-holes in the top mounting plate of the carriage. Be sure not to install mounting screws too deep, causing them to interfere with inside parts of the stage.

LHM series stages can be mounted to a standard metric or imperial breadboard with our AP101 adaptor plates.


To prevent damage to the device due to static buildup, the device should be properly grounded.

Failure to ground the unit may result in the unit shutting down unexpectedly or ceasing to communicate with the computer. This problem can be minimized by not touching the unit during operation. If the unit fails due to static discharge, unplugging it and plugging it back in or sending a Restore Settings command will usually fix the problem.

Most Zaber devices are grounded via the shield wire of the data cables. This should normally provide a path to ground via the computer. For units which are being used without a computer, a ground lead should be connected to the shield of one of the data cables.