T-Series/Data cable wiring diagram

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Data Cable Wiring Diagram

Pin# Minidin 6 Female
(to next device)
Minidin 6 Male
(to previous device)
Minidin 6 female pinout.jpg Minidin 6 male pinout.jpg
1 - -
2 Receive (from next device) Transmit (toward computer)
3 Ground Ground
4 +12-16 Vdc * +12-16 Vdc *
5 - -
6 Transmit (to next device) Receive (from computer)
nc - -
* T-Series 12-16V devices only (all T-series devices, except T-LSQ, T-LST, T-MCA)

Note that multiple cable suppliers have been used over the years, each implementing different color codes. Rather than relying on the wire colors, it is recommended that users perform a continuity test to determine which wires are connected to which pins on their own device.

To connect a Zaber device to a computer serial port requires a T-DSUB9 adaptor. It looks similar to an old PS/2 serial mouse adaptor, but it has different wiring.