T-Series/Connecting Vacuum Compatible Devices with 4 Wires

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Connecting Vacuum Compatible Devices

These Zaber products are available in a vacuum compatible version. Vacuum compatible devices (identifiable by the suffix “-V” in the part number) have special requirements for their connection to a computer.

Power: No power connectors are provided on vacuum compatible devices. Instead, power must be supplied through the data cable lines. A special serial adapter with power input is provided.

Data Cables: Vacuum compatible devices use the same mini-din data cable extensions as our standard devices; however, the cable jacket is stripped back to the connectors to expose the individual wires. The mini-din connectors are left attached to facilitate easy testing. In your final application you can cut the wires and splice them to a feed-through on your vacuum chamber. Communication lines can be wired back to the appropriate mini-din connector outside your vacuum chamber. Power lines can be wired to any appropriate power supply. See the table below for pinouts. If you have multiple units inside the same vacuum chamber you may connect them using the attached mini-din connectors, or for improved vacuum compatibility you may remove the connectors and permanently wire the units together.

Grounding: When re-wiring Zaber devices it is important to wire the ground to both the computer and the power supply (see diagram below). Alternately, the T-DSUB9-P vacuum adaptor can be substituted into an order to make this connection.

Vacuum connection guide.gif