T-Series/Commands/Set Running Current/Motorized NMC Devices

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Instruction Name Set Running Current
Applies to T-LSQ, T-LST, T-MCA, A-series and X-Series motorized devices
Firmware Version 5.00 and up
Command Number 38
Command Type Setting
Command Data Value
Reply Data Value
Safe to retry? Yes
Returns Current Position? No
Persistence Non-Volatile
Summary Sets the desired current to be used when the device is moving.

The specified current limit is applied per motor phase. If your application does not require high torque, it is best to decrease the driving current to reduce power consumption, vibration, and motor heating. If higher torque is required, it is generally safe to overdrive motors as long as they are not operated continuously and do not get too hot; please refer to your product’s specifications for current and temperature limits.

The value of this setting is in 14.1 mA RMS (20 mA peak) increments. As an example, to convert a desired run current of 1.2 A RMS into a data value for this setting:

data value = 1200 mA RMS ÷ 14.1 mA RMS/data = 85

To determine the actual current given the data value 40:

current = 40 × 14.1 mA RMS/data = 564 mA RMS