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Instruction Name Set Microstep Resolution
Applies to T-Series motorized devices
Firmware Version 5.xx
Command Number 37
Command Type Setting
Command Data Microsteps
Reply Data Microsteps
Safe to retry? Yes
Returns Current Position? No
Persistence Non-Volatile
Summary Changes the number of microsteps per step.

This command sets the microstep resolution of a device.

This setting is stored in non-volatile memory and will persist after power-down or reset. Use Restore Settings (Cmd 36) to restore all non-volatile settings to factory default.

The default on most devices is 64. Available microstep resolutions are:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128

All position data sent to or received from T-Series products is in units of microsteps. Note that when you change the microstep resolution, other position related settings are scaled automatically from current values to adjust for the new microstep size. The table below gives an example showing how other settings are affected when the microstep resolution is changed from 128 to 64:

Setting Before After
Target Speed * 2922 1461
Maximum Travel Range * 280000 140000
Current Position 10501 ** 5250 **
Maximum Relative Move * 20000 10000
Home Offset * 1000 500
Acceleration * 100 50

* The settings for these commands are saved in non-volatile memory.

** Note that if a number is divided by two, it is rounded down to the nearest whole number. The only exception to this is if acceleration would become 0 (because 0 for acceleration indicates infinite acceleration). If acceleration would become 0, it will instead be set to 1 which is the lowest acceleration possible.

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