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Return Setting - Cmd 53

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Instruction Name Return Setting
Applies to All Zaber devices
Firmware Version 5.00 and up
Command Number 53
Command Type Command
Command Data Setting Number
Reply Data Setting Value
Safe to retry? Yes
Returns Current Position? No
Persistence n/a
Summary Returns the current value of the setting specified in the Command Data.

Valid command data values are the command numbers of any "Set..." instruction. The device will reply using the command number of the specified setting (as if a command to change the setting had just been issued) but the setting will not be changed.

For example, command #48 is the "Set Alias" instruction. Therefore if you wish to return the current value of the alias number, simply send the Return Setting instruction with data of 48. The device will reply with command #48 and data equal to the setting value.

Since firmware version 5.21, this command also accepts the command numbers of any "Return..." instruction, such as command #50 "Return Device ID".