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The T-MCA motor controller is designed to control many different motors and actuators. The Restore Settings instruction should usually be issued with a peripheral ID corresponding to the specific motor or motorized device connected. This will set the T-MCA motor controller to the factory default settings for the motorized peripheral in question. For example, if a T-MCA device is connected to an NA11B30, the user can issue the Restore Settings instruction with a peripheral ID of 31130. This will automatically set all non-volatile parameters (range, mode, running and hold currents, etc) to values that will work with the NA11B30.

For a list of supported peripherals and their corresponding settings, see https://www.zaber.com/device-settings.

If the Restore Settings instruction is issued with data of 0 rather than one of the above peripheral IDs, then the T-MCA device will be set to 15% maximum running current and no hold current. This is a relatively safe setting that prevents damage to any motor connected to the T-MCA, but as a result, you may not be able to run a motor with the T-MCA set to this condition. You can either issue the Restore Settings instruction with one of the peripheral IDs listed above, or you can adjust each relevant setting independently. Note that the default settings for a given peripheral ID are just a starting point to get your device working. The settings should still be adjusted individually for optimum performance in your application.

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