T-Series/Commands/Restore Settings/Device Not Supporting Peripherals

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Instruction Name Restore Settings
Applies to All Zaber devices except controllers
Firmware Version 5.00 and up
Command Number 36
Command Type Command
Command Data Peripheral ID
Reply Data Peripheral ID
Safe to retry? Yes
Returns Current Position? No
Persistence Non-Volatile
Summary Restores the device settings to the factory defaults.

This command should be issued with a peripheral ID of 0 to return the device to factory default settings. This instruction is very useful for troubleshooting. If the device does not appear to function properly, it may be because some of the settings have been changed. This instruction will restore the settings to default values. For a table of default settings, see Appendix A. All settings affected by this instruction are stored in non-volatile memory and will persist after power-down or reset.

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