T-Series/Commands/Move Relative/T-Series Motorized Devices

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Instruction Name Move Relative
Applies to T-Series motorized devices
Firmware Version 5.xx
Command Number 21
Command Type Command
Command Data Relative Position
Reply Data Final Position
Safe to retry? No
Returns Current Position? Yes
Persistence n/a
Summary Moves the device by the positive or negative number of microsteps specified in the Command Data.

The device moves to a position given by its current position plus the value specified in the command data. The relative move command data in microsteps can be positive or negative. The final position must be between 0 and Maximum Position (specified by Set Maximum Position (cmd 44)), or an error code will be returned. The device begins to move immediately, and sends a response when the move has finished.

The target speed and acceleration during a move absolute instruction can be specified using Set Target Speed (Cmd 42) and Set Acceleration (Cmd 43) respectively.

All move commands are pre-emptive. If a new move command is issued before the previous move command is finished, the device will immediately move to the new position. If a Move Relative command is issued while the device is currently moving due to a previous command, the device will immediately set a new target position equal to the current position (at the instant the command was received) plus the specified relative position.

This command may pre-empt, or be pre-empted by Move to Stored Position (Cmd 18), Move Absolute (Cmd 20), Move Relative (Cmd 21), Move at Constant Speed (Cmd 22) and Stop (Cmd 23).