T-Series/Commands/Move Absolute/T-Series Motorized Devices

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Instruction Name Move Absolute
Applies to T-Series motorized devices
Firmware Version 5.xx
Command Number 20
Command Type Command
Command Data Absolute Position
Reply Data Final Position
Safe to retry? Yes
Returns Current Position? Yes
Persistence n/a
Summary Moves the device to the position specified in the Command Data in microsteps.

The device begins to move immediately, and sends a response when the move has finished. The position must be between 0 and Maximum Position (specified by Set Maximum Position (cmd 44)), or an error code will be returned.

The target speed and acceleration during a move absolute instruction can be specified using Set Target Speed (Cmd 42) and Set Acceleration (Cmd 43) respectively.

All move commands are pre-emptive. If a new move command is issued before the previous move command is finished, the device will immediately move to the new position. This command may pre-empt, or be pre-empted by Move to Stored Position (Cmd 18), Move Absolute (Cmd 20), Move Relative (Cmd 21), Move at Constant Speed (Cmd 22) and Stop (Cmd 23).