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Troubleshooting a Gantry product

The following sections contain tips for troubleshooting gantry behavior. Please also see the Device Product Manuals for individual stage behavior, indicator information, and additional troubleshooting.

Unexpected Behaviour

An axis doesn't respond to a move command.
The axis stage(s) may need to be homed before use. Send the home command, or the lockstep home command if the axis is in a lockstep group (X-axis).
Ensure commands addressed to lockstep group stages (X-axis) are lockstep motion commands.
A peripheral won’t move and move commands are rejected.
The peripheral may have been unplugged and plugged back in to the wrong axis. Send the activate command the peripheral to continue using it.
The device is moving on its own and running against the ends of travel.
The position encoder has de-synchronized.
Reset the device by power cycling it or sending the system reset (T:0) command, then re-initialize it with the home (T:1) command.
The X-axis stages have stopped unexpectedly during a move.
See warning flags for more information.
A stage may have stalled. See X-MCC Troubleshooting.
Lockstep twist tolerance may have been exceeded. Consider adjusting lockstep tolerance. See Operation section for maximum recommended settings.
Lockstepped Stages Stuck or Not Moving Well
Alignment may not be ideal or stages may have become twisted.
Disable the lockstep group by sending lockstep setup disable. Typically this will look like 'lockstep 1 setup disable'.
Perform alignment steps, homing, and lockstep setup again.