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Appendix B - Carriage Field-Tuning

LSQ and LSR stages shipped after August 2013 contain a feature that allows the carriage pre-loading to be tuned in the field. Your stage has this feature if it contains a semi-cylindrical spring inside the carriage. It is possible to see the spring with good lighting inside the open hole in one end of the carriage. Contact us for assistance if you are not sure.

The carriage should always fit tightly and roll smoothly in the stage base. If the carriage develops play, follow these easy steps to reset the preloading. This can be done with another stage or load mounted on top of the stage, as long as the load is balanced and there is access to the screws shown below.

Equipment Required

  • Hex drivers (Allen keys), 2.5mm, 2.0 mm
  • Two 1.5 mm thick spacers, at least 50 mm long, at least 4 mm wide. Any stiff material will work like metal or hard plastic.