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Home Sensor Wiring

A Hall effect sensor is mounted in the device for use as a home sensor. It is part number A1120LLHLT-T made by Allegro. Click here for data sheet. Your controller should be configured so the stage stops immediately (little deceleration) when the home sensor is triggered.

  • Wire colour code:
    • 3.6-24 Vdc input - red
    • Home signal - yellow
    • Ground - black

The Hall sensor has an open-collector output. The default output is high impedance when the Hall sensor is not active. When the sensor detects a magnet, the Hall sensor pulls the output low to ground.

Hall sensor wiring diagram.png

If you are not using a Zaber controller, ensure that your controller has a pull-up resistor on the output line of the Hall sensor as shown in the diagram. The bypass capacitor is optional, but may help to eliminate false triggering in noisy environments. The typical value for the pull-up resistor (RLOAD) is 10k and for the bypass capacitor is 0.1uF to 1uF. The larger the capacitance, the better the noise filtering but the slower the response time.