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Welcome to Zaber Motion Library Documentation

This is the home to the Zaber Motion Library documentation.

The Zaber Motion Library aims to provide an easy-to-use API for communication with Zaber devices.

This documentation describes how to use the library with the legacy Zaber Binary Protocol. For the recommended Zaber ASCII Protocol documentation please navigate here.


The library requires connected devices to be communicating using the Zaber ASCII Protocol. This communication protocol is the default for all Zaber X-Series devices, and can be enabled for any Zaber A-Series devices with Firmware version 6.14 or higher.

The documentation requires your device to communicate using Zaber Binary Protocol. The Binary protocol has limited features and is supported only on certain products for backwards compatibility. It has been replaced by the Zaber ASCII Protocol, which is actively developed, more robust, and full-featured. We recommend using the ASCII protocol documentation of this library here unless you own older devices (T-series) that do not support the ASCII Protocol.

The library currently supports the Python, C#, Javascript, Java, C++, MATLAB and Octave programming languages on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. For a full list of supported platforms and environments, please visit this section.

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