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Supported Platforms and Environments

The library is supported and actively tested on the following combinations:

OS Architecture Python C# (.NET) JS (Node.js) Java C++ MATLAB Octave
Windows i386
Linux i386 partial
Mac OS x64
Mac OS arm64 ? ? ? ?

The minimal versions of environments supported are:

Environment Version
Python 3.6
.NET Standard 2.0
.NET Framework 4.6.2
.NET Core 2.0
Node.js / npm 12.x / 6.0
Java SE Development Kit 8
GCC 4.9
Clang llvm 9.0.0
Visual Studio 2017
Octave 3.8.0

Protocol support:

Firmware 6.14 is the minimum requirement to be able to use this libary with the Zaber ASCII protocol. Earlier Firmware versions are not supported.

Firmware 5.0 is the minimum requirement to be able to identify devices using the Zaber Binary protocol.

It may be possible to control devices with earlier Firmware versions without identifying them but we do not guarantee it.

Some features of the library may have their own Firmware version requirements. The documentation for a class, method, property or parameter will mention when a later Firmware version is required.

Further support:

Please reach out on our gitlab page if you have an issue with compatibility or a need for platform that we currently don't support.