Simplifying Motion Control

XY Series: Two-axis stages with built-in controllers

Zaber's XY stages are made up of 2 linear stages. They come packaged with all the accessories you will need to operate them in XY configuration. The XY stages are powered by a standard power supply and connect to the RS-232 or USB 2.0 port of any computer.

For more details on the specific stages used in each XY stage, visit the following pages:

1. All of Zaber's T-Series, A-Series and X-Series products have integrated stepper motor controllers and motor drivers!
2. 200-step per revolution stepper motors, microstepped up to 256x to provide smooth and precise motion.
3. Powered by standard AC/DC adaptors (included in kits), a convenient and inexpensive solution.
4. Plug and play connectivity to X-JOY joystick.
5. LS, LSQ and LSR stages support both metric and imperial mounting hardware.
6. XY stages are available that can support loads of up to 500 kg (or more with a linear guide for cantilever loads).
7. Stages are available in a variety of travel lengths and lead screw pitches.
8. Multiple stages can be assembled in XY (as shown) or XYZ configuration without additional hardware.

To control stage position, simply transmit on the RS-232 port the unit number of the axis that you want to move, a simple move command and the position desired. An optional knob at the end of the unit permits smooth manual control. Click here for the XY User's Manual.