Simplifying Motion Control

XY Series: Two-axis stages with built-in controllers

Dimension drawings are available in other formats, such as .dxf and .dwg, on request.
Wiki  manuals/XY_XYZ_Stages User's Manual for XY
pdf  /documents/Zaber_CE_Declaration_of_Conformity_Machinery.pdf CE Declaration of Conformity
pdf  /documents/Zaber_CE_Declaration_of_Conformity_EMC.pdf CE Declaration of Conformity
pdf  /documents/gettingstarted.pdf Product set-up and installation guide
x-xy-lrt   dimensions_x-xy-lrt.png Dimension Drawing for X-XY-LRT
x-xy-lrqxl-e   dimensions_x-xy-lrqxl-e.png Dimension Drawing for X-XY-LRQXL-E
x-xy-lsq-e   dimensions_x-xy-lsq-e.png Dimension Drawing for X-XY-LSQ-E
x-xy-lsq   dimensions_x-xy-lsq.png Dimension Drawing for X-XY-LSQ
x-xy-lrm-e   dimensions_x-xy-lrm-e.png Dimension Drawing for X-XY-LRM-E
x-xy-lsm-e   dimensions_x-xy-lsm-e.png Dimension Drawing for X-XY-LSM-E
x-xy-lsm   dimensions_x-xy-lsm.png Dimension Drawing for X-XY-LSM
t-xy-lsr150-075   dimensions_t-xy-lsr150-075.png Dimension Drawing for T-XY-LSR150-075
t-xy-ls   dimensions_t-xy-ls.png Dimension Drawing for T-XY-LS
X-XY-LRT100xL-EC IGES file for X-XY-LRT100XL-EC
X-XY-LRQ150BL-E IGES file for X-XY-LRQ150BL-E
X-XY-LSQ150 IGES file for X-XY-LSQ150
X-XY-LSQ150-E IGES file for X-XY-LSQ150-E
X-XY-LRM025-E IGES file for X-XY-LRM025-E
X-XY-LSM025 IGES file for X-XY-LSM025
X-XY-LSM025-E IGES file for X-XY-LSM025-E
T-XY-LSR300 IGES file for T-XY-LSR300
T-XY-LS13-M IGES file for T-XY-LS13-M
STEP file for X-XY-LRT100xL-EC X-XY-LRT100xL-EC.STEP STEP file for X-XY-LRT100xL-EC
STEP file for X-XY-LRQ150BL-E X-XY-LRQ150BL-E.STEP STEP file for X-XY-LRQ150BL-E
STEP file for X-XY-LSQ150 X-XY-LSQ150.STEP STEP file for X-XY-LSQ150
STEP file for X-XY-LSQ150-E X-XY-LSQ150-E.STEP STEP file for X-XY-LSQ150-E
STEP file for X-XY-LRM025-E X-XY-LRM025-E.STEP STEP file for X-XY-LRM025-E
STEP file for X-XY-LSM025 X-XY-LSM025.STEP STEP file for X-XY-LSM025
STEP file for X-XY-LSM025-E X-XY-LSM025-E.STEP STEP file for X-XY-LSM025-E