Simplifying Motion Control

X-RSW-SV1 Series: Low vacuum motorized rotary stages with built-in controllers

  • Vacuum compatible to 10-3 Torr
  • Worm gear driven for continuous rotation
  • 20 kg load capacity
  • Speed up to 100 °/s and torque up to 100 N⋅cm
  • Integrated stepper motor controller and motor driver allows for easy-to-use control
  • Only 4 feedthrough wires required to control all units in the daisy-chain via serial port (with an X-PIB adaptor)
  • Custom versions available

For more information about the basics of a vacuum system and considerations to keep in mind when gathering requirements for your application, read our technical article, "Motion Device Design Considerations for Vacuum Applications".

Zaber's X-RSW-SV1 Series devices are low-vacuum compatible, computer-controlled, motorized rotary stages with built-in controllers. They are stand-alone units requiring only a standard 24 - 48 V power supply.

These stages connect to the RS-232 port or USB port of any computer, and they can be daisy-chained with any other Zaber products. The daisy-chain also shares power, making it possible for multiple X-Series products to share a single power supply.

The X-RSW-SV1 is designed with vacuum compatible materials to minimize outgassing and allow for faster pump down times. Like all of Zaber's products, the X-RSW-SV1 Series is designed to be 'plug and play' and very easy to set up and operate.

Zaber's positioners with built-in controllers, stand-alone controllers, and joysticks are divided into three series: the T-Series, the A-Series, and the X-Series. Please refer to our Series Reference Table for more information.

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X-RSW60A-SV1 Lead Time: 4-7 Days Low vacuum, motorized rotary stage, 360 degree rotation, 60 mm diameter, integrated controller, fine resolution, low speed $2,857.00
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Low vacuum, motorized rotary stage, 360 degree rotation, 60 mm diameter, integrated controller, fine resolution, low speed

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Part Numbering Scheme

X-RSW-SV1 Series Part Numbering Scheme