Simplifying Motion Control

X-RSW Series: Motorized rotary stages with built-in controllers

Specification Value Alternate Unit
Built-in Controller Yes  
Range 360°  
Accuracy (unidirectional) 0.08° 1.396000 mrad
Repeatability < 0.02° < 0.349 mrad
Backlash < 0.04° < 0.698 mrad
Encoder Type None  
Communication Interface RS-232  
Communication Protocol Zaber ASCII (Default), Zaber Binary  
Maximum Centered Load 200 N 44.9 lb
Maximum Cantilever Load 410 N⋅cm 580.6 oz⋅in
Stage Top Dimension 60 mm 2.362 "
Maximum Current Draw 950 mA  
Power Supply 24-48 VDC  
Power Plug 2-pin Screw Terminal  
Motor Steps Per Rev 200  
Motor Type Stepper (2 phase)  
Motor Rated Current 1500 mA/phase  
Inductance 1 mH/phase  
Default Resolution 1/64 of a step  
Data Cable Connection Locking 4-pin M8  
Mechanical Drive System Precision Worm Gear  
Limit or Home Sensing Magnetic home sensor  
Manual Control Yes  
Vacuum Compatible No  
Operating Temperature Range 0-50 °C  
RoHS Compliant Yes  
CE Compliant Yes  
Weight 0.66 kg 1.455 lb

Comparison - X-RSW Series

Part Number Microstep Size (Default Resolution) Maximum Speed Minimum Speed
X-RSW60A 0.000234375°
(4.091 µrad)
115 °/s
(19.2 rpm)
0.000143 °/s
(2.496 µrad/s)
X-RSW60C 0.0009375°
(16.362 µrad)
450 °/s
(75.0 rpm)
0.000572 °/s
(9.983 µrad/s)
Part Number Maximum Continuous Torque Angular Motion Per Motor Rev
X-RSW60A 225 N⋅cm
(318.6 oz⋅in)
X-RSW60C 105 N⋅cm
(148.7 oz⋅in)

Specification Charts and Notes

Thrust or torque is a function of speed. The values given above are maximums. These values cannot both be achieved simultaneously (i.e. at maximum speed, the unit will not produce maximum thrust).

Torque vs. Speed Curve

For more detailed information, please consult the Product Manual.