Simplifying Motion Control

X-MCB2 Series: Stepper motor controllers, two-axis, 2D linear and circular interpolation

We recently released the X-MCB2, a new and improved stepper motor controller. If you are looking for the A-MCB2, please see the A-MCB2 page.

  • Controls two axes of bipolar stepper motors or actuators, 1.41 Arms (2.0 A peak) per phase drivers
  • Coordinated 2D linear and circular interpolation with line, arc, and circle primitives
  • Executes streaming commands and primitives from computer seamlessly in real time
  • Each axis is also capable of independent and pre-emptive motion with trapezoidal velocity profile
  • High speed quadrature encoder input and 4 limit switch inputs per axis
  • 4 isolated digital inputs, 4 isolated digital outputs, and 4 analog inputs
  • Multiple communications options: RS-232, RS-485 and USB
  • Intuitive ASCII protocol, programmable triggers, and macros simplify complex automation tasks
  • Designed for easy mounting to panels, breadboards, lab benches, and enclosures
  • Axes can be locked together to move simultaneously as if they were a single axis, carrying out all motion in parallel

Zaber's X-MCB2 stepper motor controller is capable of controlling and driving two axes of bipolar stepper motors or actuators independently or in coordinated 2D linear and circular interpolation. The axes can be locked together to move simultaneously as if they were a single axis, carrying out all motion in parallel. Each axis may be equipped with its own quadrature encoder and multiple limit sensors (home, away, etc.).

The controller provides 4 channels each of isolated digital input, isolated digital output, and analog input. An intuitive ASCII interface allows the user to easily communicate with the device through Zaber Console (our free software) or third party terminal programs.

It uses lines, circles, and arcs as geometric primitives, while obeying velocity, acceleration and timing constraints. The result is an easy-to-use set of 2D commands and seamless transition between lines and curves.

The X-MCB2 is backwards-compatible with all of Zaber's existing T-Series and A-Series products. When daisy-chained with several units, the X-MCB2 can also share a single power supply with multiple X-Series products. The X-MCB2 controller can be used for stepper motor control of any of the following products:

Zaber's positioners with built-in controllers, stand-alone controllers, and joysticks are divided into three series: the T-Series, the A-Series, and the X-Series. Please refer to our Series Reference Table for more information.

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Two-axis stepper motor controller

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