Simplifying Motion Control

X-LRQ-SV1 Series: Low vacuum motorized linear stages with built-in controllers

Zaber Technologies Multi-Axis Vacuum Devices

Our vacuum compatible motorized stages can be mounted directly to one-another into many different configurations; for example, XY, XZ, XYZ, and with rotary stages (X-LRQ-SV + X-RSW-SV shown).

Because we have optimized our built-in controllers to withstand low and high vacuum pressure, they can be daisy-chained in a vacuum chamber. This means that multiple devices can share one power supply and a single connection to a computer, which reduces the number of wires to your feedthrough.

Our vacuum devices are shipped with flying leads, which can be crimped, tied, or soldered together to create a daisy-chain, with only four feedthrough wires (2 power, 2 data) required for multi-axis motion in a vacuum chamber.

Alternatively, we can provide vacuum compatible connectors (shown). Please contact an application engineer for more details.