Simplifying Motion Control

T-JOY Series: Programmable joysticks

  • Controls up to three axes with programmable sensitivity and velocity profile
  • Compact bench-top design enables human interface with or without a computer
  • Five programmable buttons for functions like store and recall positions

The T-JOY3 is an easy-to-use, yet programmable joystick that can be used stand-alone to control up to three axes of Zaber's A-Series and T-Series actuators. It may also be used in conjunction with a computer for additional power and flexibility. All 5 buttons of the joystick are programmable to store a location, recall a location, or a host of other functions.

The joystick can run with or without a computer attached. In stand-alone mode the joystick is a compact controller that fits easily on the lab bench. Its functionality can be expanded simply by adding a computer or laptop running Labview, Visual Basic, Microsoft Excel, or your own program. The T-JOY3 programmable joystick is the ideal controller for microscope, XY, or XYZ stage applications.

The joystick is compatible with all A-Series and T-Series products, such as the T-LSM Miniature Motorized Linear Stages.

Zaber's positioners with built-in controllers, stand-alone controllers, and joysticks are divided into three series: the T-Series, the A-Series, and the X-Series. Please refer to our Series Reference Table for more information.

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Programmable joystick controller, 3-axis

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T-JOY Series Part Numbering Scheme