Simplifying Motion Control

LAC Series: Compact motorized linear actuators

  • Compact size: great for applications with limited space
  • 10 mm travel
  • Resolution down to 0.024 µm
  • Multiple tip options included
  • Designed for use with an X-MCB1 controller or any 2-phase stepper motor controller

The LAC actuator is our most compact actuator and with a 0.024 µm microstep size, it offers the finest resolution as well. The LAC actuator is wired with a male D-sub 15 connector for plug-and-play use with our X-MCB1 Series stepper motor controllers. Its compact design makes it suitable for OEM or lab applications involving tight spaces and ultra-high precision. The LAC has improved accuracy, backlash and repeatability when compared to our NA products, without sacrificing thrust and speed performance. The shank of the actuator is designed to replace most micrometer heads in manual stages and the hardened ball-tip is removable for increased versatility.

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LAC10A-T4 Lead Time: 1-5 Days Linear actuator, NEMA size 08, 10 mm travel, 40 N force (controller required) $580.00
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Linear actuator, NEMA size 08, 10 mm travel, 40 N force (controller required)
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Part Numbering Scheme

LAC Series Part Numbering Scheme