Simplifying Motion Control

GLP-E Series : Parallel grippers with motor encoders

  • 40 mm travel
  • Measures size of gripped part with motor encoder
  • Maintains grip even if power is lost
  • Includes removable finger blanks
  • Designed for use with an X-MCB1 Series stepper motor controller or any 2-phase stepper motor controller

Zaber's GLP-E grippers are able to grip and measure parts up to 40 mm in size. The GLP-E automatically detects when a part is held and maintains grip even if power is lost. The gripping force can be changed by altering settings on the controller. With the X-MCB1 controller, Zaber's intuitive software makes it easy to control the speed and position of the unit, change the device settings, and write custom scripts. For LabVIEW users, we offer a free LabVIEW certified driver. For a detailed list of available commands, see the X-MCB1 User's Manual.

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GLP040B-E03T3 Lead Time: 1-5 Days Motorized parallel gripper, integrated motor encoder, 40 mm travel $2,045.00
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Motorized parallel gripper, integrated motor encoder, 40 mm travel

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Part Numbering Scheme

GLP-E Series  Part Numbering Scheme