Simplifying Motion Control

BAR Series: Motorized electric cylinders

1. Panel mount DB15 allows the stage to be easily connected to our X-Series controllers.
2. 200 step per revolution stepper motor, microstepped up to 256x to provide smooth and precise motion.
3. Adjustable home and away sensors
4. Inline and parallel drive configurations.
5. Precision ball screw driven.
6. BAR electric cylinders are available in a variety of travel lengths.
7. M6 threaded holes match with ISO 15552 size 32 cylinder standards.

Paired with our X-Series controllers, Zaber's intuitive software makes it easy to control the speed and position of the unit, change the device settings and write custom scripts. For LabVIEW users, we offer a free LabVIEW certified driver. For a detailed list of available commands see the X-MCB1 User's Manual.

For more detailed information, please click here for the BAR User's Manual.