Simplifying Motion Control

A-BAR-E Series: Closed-loop motorized electric cylinders with built-in stepper motors, motor encoders, and controllers

1. Control all units in the daisy-chain via serial port (with a T-DSUB9 adaptor) or USB (with a T-USBDC cable)
2. Daisy-chain additional units without additional cables.
3. An indexed knob provides convenient manual control.
4. Integrated motor encoder, controller, and stepper motor driver provide easy-to-use closed-loop motion.
5. 200 step per revolution stepper motor, microstepped up to 256x to provide smooth and precise motion.
6. Adjustable home and away sensors.
7. Inline and parallel drive configurations.
8. Precision ball screw driven.
9. A-BAR-E electric cylinders are available in a variety of travel lengths.
10. M6 threaded holes match with ISO 15552 size 32 cylinder standards.

To control actuator position, simply transmit on the RS-232 port the unit number of the device you want to move, a simple move command and the position desired. After the move, the actuator will report its position through the RS-232 link.

Zaber's A-Series devices have an indexed knob that provides convenient manual control for versatile operation even without a computer. In velocity mode, turning the knob starts the device moving at a constant speed, and every increment increases or decreases the speed by a configurable amount. In displacement mode, each increment of the knob moves the device by a configurable distance. Pushing in the knob for 5 seconds switches between the modes. You can also issue a stop command by depressing the knob during any operation.

For a detailed list of available commands, see the A-BAR-E User's Manual.