Simplifying Motion Control

A-BAR-E Series: Closed-loop motorized electric cylinders with built-in stepper motors, motor encoders, and controllers

Dimension drawings are available in other formats, such as .dxf and .dwg, on request.
Wiki  manuals/A-BAR-E User's Manual for A-BAR-E
pdf  /documents/Zaber_CE_Declaration_of_Conformity_Machinery.pdf CE Declaration of Conformity
pdf  /documents/Zaber_CE_Declaration_of_Conformity_EMC.pdf CE Declaration of Conformity
pdf  /documents/gettingstarted.pdf Product set-up and installation guide
a-barxlx   dimensions_a-barxlx.png Dimension Drawing for A-BARXLX
a-barxpx   dimensions_a-barxpx.png Dimension Drawing for A-BARXPX
A-BAR200xLx-E IGES file for A-BAR200XLX-E
A-BAR300xLx-E IGES file for A-BAR300XLX-E
A-BAR200xPx-E IGES file for A-BAR200XPX-E
A-BAR300xPx-E IGES file for A-BAR300XPX-E
STEP file for A-BAR200XLX-E A-BAR200xLx-E.STEP STEP file for A-BAR200XLX-E
STEP file for A-BAR300XLX-E A-BAR300xLx-E.STEP STEP file for A-BAR300XLX-E
STEP file for A-BAR200XPX-E A-BAR200xPx-E.STEP STEP file for A-BAR200XPX-E
STEP file for A-BAR300XPX-E A-BAR300xPx-E.STEP STEP file for A-BAR300XPX-E