Simplifying Motion Control

X-LRQ150BL-SV1: Low vacuum, motorized linear stage, 150 mm travel, integrated controller, medium resolution, medium speed

Part Number Controller Power Supply Price (USD)
Lead Time: 1-5 Days
Built-In North America, 48 V. Powers one axis $3,864.00
Controller: Built-In
Power Supply: North America, 48 V. Powers one axis
Lead Time: 1-5 Days
Built-In North America, 48 V. Powers multiple axes $3,914.00
Controller: Built-In
Power Supply: North America, 48 V. Powers multiple axes
Lead Time: 1-5 Days
Built-In Not Included $3,726.00
Controller: Built-In
Power Supply: Not Included
Specification Value Alternate Unit
Microstep Size (Default Resolution) 0.49609375 µm
Built-in Controller Yes
Travel Range 150 mm 5.906 "
Accuracy (unidirectional) 25 µm 0.000984 "
Repeatability < 2.5 µm < 0.000098 "
Backlash < 21 µm < 0.000827 "
Maximum Speed 205 mm/s 8.071 "/s
Minimum Speed 0.000303 mm/s 0.000012 "/s
Speed Resolution 0.000303 mm/s 0.000012 "/s
Peak Thrust 60 N 13.5 lb
Communication Interface RS-232
Communication Protocol Zaber ASCII (Default), Zaber Binary
Maximum Centered Load 1000 N 224.3 lb
Maximum Cantilever Load 3000 N⋅cm 4,248.4 oz⋅in
Guide Type Recirculating Ball Linear Guide
Vertical Runout < 190 µm < 0.007480 "
Horizontal Runout < 31 µm < 0.001220 "
Pitch 0.034° 0.593 mrad
Roll 0.015° 0.262 mrad
Yaw 0.044° 0.768 mrad
Maximum Current Draw 1200 mA
Power Supply 24-48 VDC
Power Plug None, use X-PIB
Linear Motion Per Motor Rev 6.35 mm 0.250 "
Motor Steps Per Rev 200
Motor Type Stepper (2 phase)
Motor Rated Current 2100 mA/phase
Inductance 2.8 mH/phase
Default Resolution 1/64 of a step
Data Cable Connection Teflon flying leads with M8 4 pin M/F
Mechanical Drive System Precision lead screw
Limit or Home Sensing Magnetic home sensor
Manual Control No
Axes of Motion 1
LED Indicators Yes
Mounting Interface M6 and M3 threaded holes
Vacuum Compatible Low vacuum (10-3 Torr)
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50 °C
RoHS Compliant Yes
CE Compliant Yes
Stiffness in Pitch 640 N⋅m/° 27 µrad/N⋅m
Stiffness in Roll 1850 N⋅m/° 9 µrad/N⋅m
Stiffness in Yaw 665 N⋅m/° 26 µrad/N⋅m
Weight 2.64 kg 5.820 lb

Specification Charts and Notes

Thrust or torque is a function of speed. The values given above are maximums. These values cannot both be achieved simultaneously (i.e. at maximum speed, the unit will not produce maximum thrust).

Thrust vs. Speed Curve Thrust vs. Speed Curve Duty Cycle Vs Run CurrentBearing Lifetime