Simplifying Motion Control

Quick Set-up of Zaber Products - Installing Zaber devices is as easy as 1, 2, 3 ...

Step 1

Connect the Zaber controller (built in to the device or stand-alone) to your computer via USB or RS-232 port using the cables included if you ordered an accessory kit.

Connect controller to PC via USB or RS-232 port

Step 2

Connect the power supply to your Zaber device.

Connect power supply to device

Power can be daisy-chained amongst up to three X-Series devices; or up to four T-Series devices.

Step 3

Send instructions or automate your set-up using the Zaber Console, our free, open-source software, or write your own application based on our source code.

Free, open-source software Zaber Console available

We offer a variety of sample programs for several programming environments, including LabVIEW. Visit our Software page for more information.

Daisy-Chaining Additional Units

Daisy-chaining refers to the connection of several devices in a linear series. Many of Zaber's devices can share both data and power through a daisy-chain, which is the most efficient way to reduce cabling. For more details on daisy-chaining, read our technical article, "Daisy-chaining Data and Power to Reduce Cabling".

Our programmable joystick, which can control up to three axes simultaneously, is equally easy to install and set-up with a series of daisy-chained devices.

Daisy-chain multiple devices, power sharing possible

Note: Data connector type between any of Zaber's motorized devices may be M8 (shown), D-sub, or mini-DIN style depending on the devices that you purchased.

For additional information about setting up our devices, please visit our Support Wiki, which includes our Getting Started Guide, Troubleshooting Guides, product user manuals, and other resources.