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Published on July 8, 2017

Princeton University: Nanostructure Laboratory

Customer Use Application

The Nanostructure Laboratory at Princeton University has built a custom-made, plasmonic-enhanced, fluorescence characterization set-up by integrating one of Zaber's ASR Series motorized XY microscope stage to a Nikon inverted microscope. This set-up is specially designed for imaging ultra-sensitive bioassay devices fabricated with Nanoimprint technology, and can provide over 1 million fold enhancement in assay sensitivity. The 1 µm repeatability of Zaber's microscope stage ensures good mapping quality that is crucial for surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence imaging over a large area. We appreciate the easy-to-use LabView support and helpful customer support that greatly facilitate our development cycle for research projects. The flexibility of the ASR model accommodates both glass slides, as well as a 96-well plate format with an easy change of an adaptor, which is rarely seen in other vendors with similar products.

About the Nanostructure Laboratory at Princeton University

The Nanostructure Laboratory (NSL) at Princeton University is one of the world leading research teams that focus on the development of new nanofabrication technologies and innovative nanoscale electronic, optoeletronic, magnetic, and biological devices and meta-materials by combining cutting-edge nanotechnology with frontier knowledge from different disciplines. Exemplary research invented at NSL of Princeton University includes: the fast sequencing and mapping of DNA using nano channels, ultra-sensitive immunoassay and nucleic acid assays, the invention of nanoimprint technology, the first demonstration of Si single electron transistor at room temperature, etc.

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Fluorescence Charaterization set-up 1 Fluorescence Charaterization set-up 2 Fluorescence Charaterization set-up 3