Simplifying Motion Control


15 September, 2017

New Product: Miniature, Vacuum Compatible Rotation Stages with Built-in Controllers

Zaber's X-RSM-SV Series - vacuum compatible rotation stages for high (10-6 Torr) and low (10-3 Torr) vacuum environments - are our most compact stepper and worm gear driven devices. The built-in controller allows daisy-chaining with other Zaber products and requires only 4 feedthrough wires to control all units in the daisy-chain via serial port (with an X-PIB adaptor). These devices have 0.02° repeatability, an aperture of 4 mm, and a load capacity of 50 N. Self-aligning feet and mounting points make it easy to set up a multi-axis tilt or gimbal system using Zaber's X-GSM-SV tilt devices or mounting brackets.