Simplifying Motion Control


16 August, 2017

New Product: Economical, Space-Saving Stepper Motor Controllers

Zaber's new, high resolution, economy controllers - the X-MCA Series - control any open or closed-loop bipolar stepper motors or actuators. These controllers each have an integrated 1.0 Arms (1.4 A peak) per phase driver with customizable micro-stepping. The footprint is only 22.6 mm x 65 mm x 75 mm - perfect for tight spaces. The X-MCA's also have a wide range of mounting options including 90 degree stacking and 35 mm DIN rail mounting, so it is easy to mount them on panels, breadboards, lab benches, DIN rails, and in enclosures. With a starting price of $396 (USD), the X-MCA is one of the least expensive stepper motor controllers in its class.