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Published on February 20, 2017

Mura (US): PBR Texture Scanner

Customer Use Application

Mura integrates Zaber's X-VSR40A vertical lift stage in their PBR Texture Scanner for adjusting the height of samples with different thicknesses. The X-VSR40A has a wide range of speeds allowing for fast tuning. Also, its resolution of 0.09525 µm allows fine adjustment to achieve the best focus for varying samples.

About Mura

Mura develops innovative imaging solutions to bring photorealistic rendering to VR/AR, video games and movies. Their PBR Texture Scanner captures high-resolution texture data on real-world objects, which can be seamlessly applied to physically-based rendering. Their devices can achieve sub-micron depth resolution and their scan-based texture data includes normal maps, depth maps, specular and diffuse albedo maps, and roughness and glossiness maps.

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PBR Texture Scanner