Simplifying Motion Control

General Applications

Zaber Technologies designs and manufactures precision motion control products suitable for a wide range of tasks. Here are some general examples of applications for Zaber's devices.

Photonics and Optics

Laser Motive
  • Optical breadboard prototyping
  • Optical alignment and calibration
  • Image acquisition
  • Image analysis
  • Time-resolved optical spectroscopy
  • Laser wavelength tuning
  • Laser beam stabilization
  • Laser-driven electron acceleration research and applications
  • Optical crystal positioning
  • Michelson interferometer
  • Optical beam profiling
  • Femto-second laser pulse characterization

Biomedical Applications

WITec GmbH Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope
  • Biomaterials testing
  • Medical imaging
  • Scanning probe in medical imaging
  • Microfluidics
  • Positioning flow cells for particle analyser
  • Automated patch clamp for oocyte
  • Syringe pump applications
  • Biomedical engineering application involving surgical laser control
  • Photoacoustic imaging project
  • E. coli research
  • Fluorescence detection system

Testing, Control, Measurement, and Instrumentation Product Testing
  • XY calibration table
  • Control of stepper motors by LabVIEW
  • Testing of infrared sensors
  • Positioning of thermalcouple to measure temperature profile
  • Laser triangulation calibration
  • Mass spectrometer for in-flight measurements
  • Optical inspection systems
  • Positioning CCD and photomultiplier

Material Science

SpinX Lab Application
  • Materials testing
  • Surface scanning
  • Surface reaction
  • Thin film coating
  • Thin films gradient testing
  • Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) applications
  • 3D measurements
  • Scanning surface of laser-ablation samples
  • Metrology and calibration
  • Development of MEMS
  • Stereo lithography

Microscope and Microscopy

Zaber ASR XY Motorized Stage
  • Motorizing microscope stage
  • Microscope positioning
  • Programmable joystick control of microscope
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Control of ND filter for solid state laser system for confocal microscopy

Industrial Automation

Zaber A-LST High-Load Linear Stages
  • X-Y or X-Y-Z stage systems
  • Semiconductor research
  • Step and repeat
  • Positioning for machine vision systems
  • Sorting and automated handling systems
  • Electrical connector life testing

Life Sciences

Life Sciences
  • Patch clamping
  • Automated microtomes
  • Soft-tissue tensile testing
  • Light sheet fluorescence microscopy
  • Three-dimensional motile microorganism tracking
  • Worm tracking
  • Laser capture microdissection


Other Applications
  • Pan tilt camera mount
  • Controlling infrared, neutral density, and polarizing filters
  • Development of advanced life support system
  • Antenna positioner
  • Atomic physics research
  • Atomic clock and quantum computing
  • Astronomical imaging
  • Laser cutting, marking, and engraving