Simplifying Motion Control

BAR Series: Motorized electric cylinders

Instruction manuals are available on our Zaber Wiki.
Dimension drawings are available in other formats, such as .dxf and .dwg, on request.
Wiki  Manuals/BAR User's Manual for BAR
pdf  Zaber_CE_Declaration_of_Conformity_Machinery.pdf CE Declaration of Conformity
pdf  Zaber_CE_Declaration_of_Conformity_EMC.pdf CE Declaration of Conformity
pdf  gettingstarted.pdf Product set-up and installation guide
barxlc--larxlc   dimensions_barxlc--larxlc.png Dimension Drawing for BARXLC--LARXLC
barxpc--larxpc   dimensions_barxpc--larxpc.png Dimension Drawing for BARXPC--LARXPC
BAR200xLx IGES file for BAR200XLX
BAR300xLx IGES file for BAR300XLX
BAR200xPx IGES file for BAR200XPX
BAR300xPx IGES file for BAR300XPX
STEP file for BAR200XLX BAR200xLx.STEP STEP file for BAR200XLX
STEP file for BAR300XLX BAR300xLx.STEP STEP file for BAR300XLX
STEP file for BAR200XPX BAR200xPx.STEP STEP file for BAR200XPX
STEP file for BAR300XPX BAR300xPx.STEP STEP file for BAR300XPX